What is Neteller

Neteller. What is it? And, more important: which purposes does it serve? That is the main topic to discuss for this page. We examine what Neteller actually does, to what category of payment methods the software, application of Neteller belongs, and why the programme has become such a huge success. Therefore, this page contains five more sections, which all deal with some element of Neteller: we offer an introduction on the application, discuss functioning and purposes of the application, and how it works technically. Next, we offer inside information on a couple of benefits of the application and of having a Neteller account, plus some details about signing up for an account. We now start with an introduction on Neteller.

Neteller: A Short But Nevertheless Concise Introduction

Neteller consider themselves leaders in the global online payment industry. The holding that exploits the activities of Neteller goes by the name of Neovia Financial, which is a financial service institution and therefore regulated as such (comparable to, for example, consumer banks). The license to operate Neteller was granted by the Financial Service Authority (FSA) of the United Kingdom. This FSA regulates and monitors money services offered in online and offline banks or other institutions. The best way to define the service Neteller offers, is to label it an eWallet. An eWallet is, as the name already implies, an electronic wallet, which serves as online wallet: you transfer money to this wallet and will be able to make online payments with your Neteller account. That is what it does. How it works, is discussed in the remaining four sectors of this page.


Neteller: The Application’s Purposes And Functioning

We touched upon the subject in the preceding section: the purposes of a Neteller eWallet account are quite clear. You can use the account and eWallet to transfer money to an online merchant. It is hard to define an online merchant, but the companies that make use of the service of Neteller cannot be clustered into one category. Whether you want to use Neteller for paying online for access to a certain site, or whether you want to check out in a web shop and finish a payment: Neteller works as an online payment method. Finishing a payment is fairly easy: select a service or product that you want to buy first. After you have selected a product or service, you can check out and finish the order. During checkout, you select Neteller as a payment method and enter your account details. Of course, you first need to register for an account at the Neteller website. All you have to do is sign-up and transfer some money to the eWallet. After this process, you can use your Neteller account to purchase goods and services.

Neteller: How It Works Technically

Neteller as such is not more than an application, written by software developers. It works as follows: once an online merchant included Neteller in his payment methods offered, you will be able to establish a direct connection with the eWallet. The connection runs via codified and encrypted lines. This prevents your account from hackers and likewise. After you have established an encrypted connection with the servers of Neteller, you will be able to finish your payment and purchase the goods or services of your preference. Easy and comfortable. The technical process is therefore not so much a technical process, but more of a digital process used to finalise the payment.

Neteller: Benefits For Users

When you want to use Neteller for finalising payments at online merchants, there are a couple of benefits. The page Why Neteller discusses the benefits and advantages of using Neteller in more detail, especially in comparison with other payment methods that can be used online. The first benefit we would like to mention is that a payment performed via Neteller is always anonymous. This means that you can finish and finalise your payment without anyone getting to know your personal details. Of course, when you sign up for an account, Neteller has to collect some personal details, in order to guarantee a safe and secure service. But after these prerequisites for registration, you will never have to share other personal details with the merchants. Another benefit is the regulation of the FSA, which causes and forces Neteller to offer a safe product.

Neteller: Signing Up

There are not many things that get more easily done than signing up for a Neteller account. Really, all you have to do is go the website of Neteller, enter (and of course, make up) a username and password and complete the registration. Your Neteller eWallet account just came into existence! Next, you follow the procedures on the Neteller website, in order to transfer funds from your bank account (or credit card) to the eWallet of Neteller. That is basically it, so what are you waiting for?