The Ultimate Bet

Anyone who likes to bet loves online casinos. They still manage to retain the excitement of land-based casino, albeit minus the free drinks, but more importantly, they are far more convenient for the player.

And while most of us get our fix from the conventional casino games, poker, blackjack and roulette, there are some hidden gems that people are not experiencing, most notably bingo.

Now a smart gambler knows the best place to stake your money is at a table that results in the highest amount of profit maximisation, and in the world of online casinos there are only two forms of gambling that can offer that sort of proportion between stake and winnings, bingo and online slots. For example, playing at 32Red online bingo you can buy a ticket for just 5p, people grimace when they receive 5p in change highlighting just how extraordinarily affordable online bingo is. Low stakes are the perfect way to start cash-building, your hits are not too big and your wins can quickly add up.


Carrying on from the low stakes, it is only natural to look at the wins, and it is in this regard, the perks of online bingo become apparent. John Orchard, a 60-year-old grandfather, currently holds the record for largest ever bingo win. At £5.9million it is nothing to be sneered at, but what makes the story all the more compelling is Orchard’s original stake, a whopping 30p. There really aren’t that many forms of gambling, land-based or online, that can really compete with that ratio of stake to win, perhaps only the Megabucks slot machines littered around America. Orchard’s win is no anomaly, before him there was the anonymous “Georgios”, 36, of Greece, who won £5.1million back in 2009. The point is there is a lot of money to be made in online bingo, a lot of money indeed.

Refreshingly online bingo does not just stick with online bingo. Per se you were playing at 32 Red, it makes sense for the £32 you get for signing up, you could play on their slots, table games and video poker whilst you wait for the next bingo game to commence. Choice wise, online bingo has more than enough to saturate even the most ardent of gamblers demands.

Most online gamblers miss the social element that is afforded to them at a casino, online gambling is a place of solitude. However, online bingo actively encourages conversation and nearly all venues have a chat feature. Now we all know how mundane it can be playing blackjack in isolation, especially when you’re losing, but by having a chat element, online bingo makes it a more engaging and enjoyable way to bet. Something, that is so far proving to be very popular with the masses already playing with 32 Red and the countless other online bingo venues.

With a history dating back over 500-years you would be forgiven for thinking that bingo has become dated, and to a certain degree it has at bingo halls and village halls but online bingo is revolutionary and it is of little surprise to see that it is flourishing.