Online Bingo 90 Ball Rules

We’ re all great lovers of the bingo game in all its forms, a particular favourite is of course the traditional UK 90 ball bingo game. Whether playing online or in a bingo hall the bingo 90 ball game is an exciting one that usually offers more than one opportunity to win, this is because players can win a prize for a one line, two line or a full house call. From a player perspective this is therefore a game that provides good value and is certainly not as fast paced as its American 75 ball bingo cousin – meaning bingo cash lasts a bit longer, so for players on a budget this game can provide a full evening of entertainment without the need for a huge outlay of cash.

Playing the bingo 90 ball version has long been associated with the ‘blue rinse brigade’ or ladies of a certain age, however with the onset of online bingo, 90 ball bingo is now becoming the game of choice for the twenty-something who is internet savvy and has a disposable income. So what is it about the online bingo 90 ball game that is so attractive? There are many reasons why the game is so popular and not least of course those mentioned above, the excellent value and slightly longer game play, but also with big jackpots available and chat rooms to socialise in there are endless reasons why players might prefer to play 90 ball online bingo.

The Basics

For the uninitiated out there, players usually purchase their tickets for the online bingo game at a price per ticket, although at some sites players can buy at a set cost ‘per strip’ of bingo tickets. Each ticket has nine columns and three rows, making 27 spaces in total. Players will find 15 random numbers from 1 to 90 printed on each ticket, any numbers from 1 to 9 will be in the first column, the second column features numbers 10 – 19 and so on, with the last column having numbers 80 to 90.

90 Ball Bingo Ticket

The object of the game is for players to mark off their numbers on their bingo ticket when the corresponding number is called, the winner of a one line jackpot will have managed to match one complete row of numbers to those called by the bingo caller, a two line winner will have matched two lines and a full house win is declared when the player is successful in matching all of their fifteen numbers on their ticket before any other bingo player.

Many sites have big jackpots to be won for those who can mark off all their numbers under a certain amount of calls. This bonus jackpot is in addition to the normal winnings available, making the game that much more exciting.

Online Bingo 90 v Traditional Land Based Bingo

Players in a bingo hall will need to concentrate fully on their bingo 90 ball game, so they can mark off their numbers with a dauber and call house or bingo if they are lucky enough to win. For the online bingo player the useful ‘auto mark’ or ‘auto daub’ function is a godsend, leaving players free to enjoy side games or chat in the chat rooms knowing full well that a win will be automatically marked off and credited to the players account virtually immediately. Players at a bingo hall will need to shout loudly to attract one of the bingo hall officials to verify their claim, after which a win can be paid if all numbers have been successfully matched and verified. Some bingo halls have moved with the times and now have electronic bingo systems which allow for a similar auto daub and almost instantaneous verification similar to that of the online bingo 90 ball game.

The traditional 90 ball bingo game is part of the cultural history of the UK, with the advent of the internet it has breathed a new lease of life into a game which is exciting, sociable and extremely easy to play. The bingo 90 ball rules are the same, and for players who are most used to the bingo hall experience they needn’t worry that they will be a fish out of water in the online bingo hall. Players are as helpful, accommodating and inclusive as they are at the traditional bingo hall, equally the attraction of bingo is now crossing over the great sex divide with more and more male players indulging in the game. If you haven’t tried playing online bingo 90 ball yet then why not have a try today on one of the best online bingo sites, you won’t be disappointed!