Why Shorter Sessions Are Better When Gambling

Many online gamblers find themselves losing regularly due to falling into bad habits. These can range from playing games they shouldn’t to wagering too much. But there’s also a problem that is common among them that can easily be fixed; session duration. A lot of players make the simple error of playing too long. In this post we’re going to share a few reasons why shorter sessions work better at an online casino Malaysia.

Attention Span

It’s a universal truth that people focus better in shorter bursts. Consider an exercise like reading, writing or watching a lecture. Are you more attentive if it’s for 30 minutes or 2 hours? Most accept shorter sessions are better for people’s attention. Why does this matter when gambling? Well, if you are playing a casino game that requires maths or choosing what to wager, or even blackjack here strategy is involved, you need good attention. Casinos know that players attention drops over time and is one of the reasons they remove clocks from the casino floor. 

No Loss Chasing & Protects Winnings

The second reason why shorter gambling sessions are better is the safeguard element. By playing in shorter stints you are preventing yourself from the common habit of chasing losses. It’s oneo f the biggest challenges facing gamblers when they make the silly mistake of staying long to chase losses. This almost never pans out well and causes players to lose more.

By playing shorter sessions it also protects any winnings you’ve made. So, if you’ve played 1 hour and up $100 and quit, money in your bank. However, if you play much longer sessions, the house edge will probably come through and before you know it, you’ve lost what you’ve won and then some.