Hellboy Slot Machine Review

You’ve probably seen both Hellboy movies by now so you know full well who the character is. The Hellboy slot machine game is based on the popular comics and movies. The original and first Hellboy was first seen in a comic magazine way back in 1993 by the very creative Mike Mignola and had since gone on to become two popular movies.

But Hellboy himself, is an interesting and intriguing persona. He was actually a demon that was brought to life as a physical character by some Nazi black magic! But Hellboy isn’t a bad demon/guy. Despite his demonic looks, he works for the forces of good instead and works for the UN as one of the world’s best paranormal investigators.

With a hand that appears to be made from solid stone, he can punch as hard as Rocky and is known to throw his weight around and get upset at the smallest of niggling things. But he’s not a bad character by all means, so much so, he even cut off his own horns using an angle grinder so as not to scare and upset any people that see him in public.

But what about the actual Hellboy slot machine game? How does it play and what are the ways in which you can win on the Hellboy slot machine game today anyway? The Hellboy slot machine game has 5 reels and 20 different pay lines. Plus there are many different ways in which you can win money from the features of the game.

You have all the standard symbols, 10’s, jacks, queens, kings and aces. But there are also the Hellboy symbols as well, bonus play options and even special features. You can win free spins by getting and activating the SUPERMODE. And when you get that, you will have the chance to double up on all of the bonuses you can get too.

There’s a great feature in the game where you have to guess the next color out from red or black. And when you get that right that can earn you even more in winnings. But quite simply, the best bonus feature you can get is the Underworld Bonus. This takes you into an animated version of the game where you can actually be Hellboy!

In the Underworld Bonus game, there are 4 different levels that you’ll have to investigate to find they each have their own different villains in you’ll need to destroy. And if you play this bonus game right, and unlock all the doors (and get really lucky), you can be in with a monster chance of winning up to $8500 in that game alone.

Overall, Hellboy slot machine game is slot game that truly immerses you into the game itself and will provide you with a hellishly great experience each time. Obviously, you can win and you can lose. But when you are winning, that just makes this a much more fun game to play and you’ll be a Hellboy fan after it too!