No Deposit Bingo Is Just the Beginning – Check out This Additional Bonus!

Let’s imagine that you’ve already checked out a few bingo sites and you’re excited for more. The full sound and full color experience is just the beginning. There are plenty of great benefits waiting for you when you’re looking at the world of free bingo online, but sometimes we’re so busy having fun that we’re not thinking about anything except the next time we win! If you’re ready for a little bit more of an adventure without taking on any new strategy, you have to check out this additional feature offered at many no deposit bingo places: slot games.

If you haven’t played slots online, you’re in for a real treat. There’s just something about slot games online that keeps people excited. If you are used to going for the progressive jackpots at the bingo rooms, then you still have that feature waiting for you when you switch over to slots. If you’re worried that the graphics are going to be subpar, you’re in for yet another treat: the graphics are just as good as in most bingo rooms, if not a little better.

No Deposit Bingo

What’s cool about slots is that you have lots of mini-games within the same slot game. You might have to race a car down a drag strip in order to win bonus credits, or you might have to match up different symbols in the mini game to unlock different rewards.

There are literally thousands of different slots out there, giving you plenty of variety. Some slots are easy payouts, where you don’t have to do much to win a little something. Others require you to make a certain match to really unlock the best winnings, which makes it tough. You don’t have to play any one slot for a required minimum amount of time. When you’re bored of a slot game, you can always move on.

Many bingo sites offer slots right on the site so that you don’t have to jump around to a bunch of different sites. Multiple games under one roof keep it interesting, encouraging you to stay there longer.

Want a place to play? Check out Rocket Bingo, where you have not just bingo but plenty of slot games to occupy your time. Good luck!

Bingo – the most sociable online gambling game?

When you play a game of bingo you get a lot of value out of the small stakes that you put down to play. In a game of roulette, you put your money down on a certain number, colour, or section of the roulette table. You spin the wheel and either win or lose your bet. The fun is over before it has begun. The experience is very different when you play a game of online bingo.

First off, you have to decide which game to enter. Most bingo sites such as Tidy Bingo, Buzz Bingo and Costa Bingo run games around the clock in their different bingo rooms. You can choose to pay to play for the progressive jackpots and the guaranteed jackpots or play the free games instead. At there are three whole rooms devoted to free games of bingo. These are: Freasy Peasy, Fun ‘n’ Free and Fancy Free. The free games are open to any player who’s made a deposit of their own money on the site – it’s a way of rewarding customer loyalty; we all like the idea of getting something for nothing.

by  Keees
by Keees

When you’ve chosen a game, you can enter the bingo chat room related to the game that you’re playing. And that’s where the social side comes into it. When you play a game of bingo in a land-based bingo hall, there’s not much time for socialising; you have to be quiet during play so that you and all the other players, whether young or old, can hear the numbers being called out. Then you have to make sure that you mark those matching numbers on your card quickly and accurately so that you can shout bingo when you have crossed off all your numbers. In an online game of bingo, though, none of that is required. The auto-daub feature in the software means that you don’t even have to watch the number calls – your matching numbers will be marked for you, and if you have a winning ticket, this will be registered automatically by the game software.

Instead, you’re free to get chatting to other players in the same game in the bingo chat room. You can share the excitement of the game, passing comments on how well you’re doing with bingo lingo such as 3TG (three to go – three numbers left before you have a full house) or just chatting about life in general. As well as the other players, there’s always a chat moderator present, to make sure everyone feels included in the conversation if they want to be, and to run chat games for the roomies who are present. Chat games can lead to extra prizes – sometimes cash, sometimes free entries to future bingo games on the site.

If you hit it off with a particular player and you want to carry on your conversation in private, you can always send them a private message. There’s also the possibility of inviting existing friends to join you in playing the same games of bingo online – just let them know where you’re playing and when, and you can play the games together.

This social side of online bingo adds to the fun of playing and, for many players, it’s why they choose bingo over other types of online gambling games.

Bingo: Rich History Bright Future.

Ever since its origins in Italy in the 16th century Bingo has been captivating new audiences and finding ever more exotic and unusual outlets – from 18th century German schoolrooms to its popular boom in the American jazz age. But through all of that time the basic cards and numbers format has remained. It is one of those formulas that continues to stand the test of time.

Its launch into the mainstream was the result of an entrepreneurial push by an American toy salesman called Edwin Lowe. Seeing a home-made version of the game played at a country fair Lowe had the genius to mass produce game cards and the rest as they say is history.

In fact, Lowe is the man responsible for the name ‘bingo’. The game he saw was called beano (beans were used to mark off numbers) but when someone called out ‘bingo’ by mistake Lowe instantly recognised his own winning formula. Lowe’s company went on to become a multimillion dollar concern in the US, whilst in Europe ‘housey housey’ as the Victorians called it, continued as a less commercial pastime.


The game first appeared online in 1996 since when it has gone from strength to strength. The online bingo industry is now reckoned to be worth more than $1 billion a year – and still growing! Online bingo games from, BGO, William Hill bingo and others retain the simple charm of the original formula, but they are able to do so in a way that makes the game attractive and engaging to a whole new generation. Games are themed around topical motifs and iconic cultural figures, bringing a touch of showbiz glamour and romance to the basic numbers that are the raw material of the game itself.

Since advertising online bingo was legalised in 2005 hundreds of alternative online bingo sites have started competing for players’ attention – proof itself of the popularity of the game. One estimate puts the number at 359 although that is a far from scientific measure.

The rise in online bingo is coming at a cost for the more established bingo halls which are more and more looking like an idea whose time is running out. The convenience of being able to play from home – or even on the go – is proving irresistible for time-conscious players – the majority of whom are women. The High Street giant Mecca now derive over 20% of their business from their Mecca Bingo website, which is just as well as attendances at their halls – which have also been hit hard by the smoking ban in 2007 – look to be in a serious state of decline.

For all the change in the way it is being delivered it does appear that bingo itself is not about to disappear any time soon. Not only is it offered by specialist sites, it is also a staple feature of many more ‘macho’ betting and gaming sites.

The enduring appeal of the game is its simplicity. And whilst there are different versions in play, the basic numbers and cards formula looks tailor made to make the move into the digital age. Bingo’s future looks every bit as bright as its already glittering history.

Top sites offering Bingo

There are many sites online that offers Bingo to their players. Few of the best sites include Cyber Bingo, Bingo Card, Gala Bingo, House of Bingo and Bingo Vega.

Cyber Bingo: Cyber Bingo offers big prizes to the winners of the game. This casino has their own casino software and manages a huge network of associated websites connecting players to the games. It means that this casino always have hundreds of players online playing their favourite games; thus, big prizes and livelier chat.

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Bingo Card: Jackpots at this casino are held every hour. This casino is the in charge of the entire Bingo Network. The members of this network play together and give money to the prizes. The game that is played here is the 75 ball game with huge number of patterns. This casino makes use of the software from the Parlay entertainment.

William Hill Bingo: This casino is the best for their bulk produced bookies. Also their online operations are very good. This casino is known for their good chat masters and excellent software that is easy to use without the need to download. William Hill Bingo provides Bingo games like 75 ball game, 80 ball and 90 ball game. The most popular one that is played here is the 90 ball game. This casino does not give permissions to the US players.

Gala Bingo: Gala Bingo is one of the largest casinos in UK. Their online operation has become very popular and is one of the sites that is mostly visited by the Bingo lovers. One can choose games like 75 ball game, 80 ball game and 90 ball game. This casino does not allow US players to play.

House of Bingo: This casino makes use of the Cosy Gaming software. It is the smaller sites with less number of people online and with smaller prizes. However, this casino offers a fun atmosphere and people who want to have a comfortable atmosphere would prefer this casino.

Bingo Vega: One can find a wonderful community at this casino. They care their players and offer them loyalty awards and wonderful prizes. US players are given permission to play at this casino.

Bingo Boogie

Bingo Boogie provides massive progressive jackpots and some really exciting bonuses for any new member. Once you’re a new member, Bingo Boogie will 100% match your deposit up to a massive £200! That’s right, you deposit £200 you get £200 FREE! Simply Brill!

Bingo Boogie wants each player to win. Therefore, every time a full house is finished Bingo Boogie will randomly choose 1 person to win 1BB. As far as of loyalty points, you can expect some big cashbacks (or bonuses) to keep you motivated. You will have the chance to gain points according to the amount you play. Bonus levels, after you join, go from Bronze all the way up to Double Diamond VIP. For every deposit you make you get a percentage given back to your account.

While you’re at Bingo Boogie if you fancy a different game try one of their several exciting games such as slots, blackjack or video poker. Play now and have a terrific time at Bingo Boogie. Additionally, with up to £200 added to your account, you’re more likely to have a winning time! Enjoy!


With Bingo Boogie there’s always something going on and great prizes to boot! And, the excitement doesn’t just end with bingo. Your chances of winning increase the more times you play.

One thing we really like about Bingo Boogie is that they offer so many prizes and chances to win that it’s a great time for everyone! Not in the mood for bingo today? No worries. Why not have a go at playing video poker, slots, blackjack, roulette, or craps? No getting bored at Bingo Boogie.

Every month, “Bella’s Booty Bag” is full of great prizes which can be won, in addition to great cash prizes, depending on the month’s challenge. Oooh, did someone say “challenge”?

This month’s challenge: All you have to do is play at least 25 bingo tickets in either the 10p or 25p rooms and you’ll be automatically entered into the month’s draw to win fabulous prizes such as a family trip to Alton Towers, Champagne Balloon Flight, Digital Camera, and so much more!

At Bingo Boogie you’ll want to stay tuned because each month there is something special for everyone. Some of the recent jackpot winners each took home over £10,000. One winner won almost £11,000 with only £4 of play! Now that’s gotta feel nice!

The Ultimate Bet

Anyone who likes to bet loves online casinos. They still manage to retain the excitement of land-based casino, albeit minus the free drinks, but more importantly, they are far more convenient for the player.

And while most of us get our fix from the conventional casino games, poker, blackjack and roulette, there are some hidden gems that people are not experiencing, most notably bingo.

Now a smart gambler knows the best place to stake your money is at a table that results in the highest amount of profit maximisation, and in the world of online casinos there are only two forms of gambling that can offer that sort of proportion between stake and winnings, bingo and online slots. For example, playing at 32Red online bingo you can buy a ticket for just 5p, people grimace when they receive 5p in change highlighting just how extraordinarily affordable online bingo is. Low stakes are the perfect way to start cash-building, your hits are not too big and your wins can quickly add up.


Carrying on from the low stakes, it is only natural to look at the wins, and it is in this regard, the perks of online bingo become apparent. John Orchard, a 60-year-old grandfather, currently holds the record for largest ever bingo win. At £5.9million it is nothing to be sneered at, but what makes the story all the more compelling is Orchard’s original stake, a whopping 30p. There really aren’t that many forms of gambling, land-based or online, that can really compete with that ratio of stake to win, perhaps only the Megabucks slot machines littered around America. Orchard’s win is no anomaly, before him there was the anonymous “Georgios”, 36, of Greece, who won £5.1million back in 2009. The point is there is a lot of money to be made in online bingo, a lot of money indeed.

Refreshingly online bingo does not just stick with online bingo. Per se you were playing at 32 Red, it makes sense for the £32 you get for signing up, you could play on their slots, table games and video poker whilst you wait for the next bingo game to commence. Choice wise, online bingo has more than enough to saturate even the most ardent of gamblers demands.

Most online gamblers miss the social element that is afforded to them at a casino, online gambling is a place of solitude. However, online bingo actively encourages conversation and nearly all venues have a chat feature. Now we all know how mundane it can be playing blackjack in isolation, especially when you’re losing, but by having a chat element, online bingo makes it a more engaging and enjoyable way to bet. Something, that is so far proving to be very popular with the masses already playing with 32 Red and the countless other online bingo venues.

With a history dating back over 500-years you would be forgiven for thinking that bingo has become dated, and to a certain degree it has at bingo halls and village halls but online bingo is revolutionary and it is of little surprise to see that it is flourishing.