Casino Etiquette 101

There is a time and place for everything. This holds true even in a casino. Casino games all come with their own etiquette. Each game boasts its own set of unwritten rules that the players are expected to follow, especially if they are really there to play to win. There are more relaxed rules for games like slots than there are for card based games. Even Keno has expectations of its players.

For instance, in the game of craps the shooter may only touch the dice with one hand. The player is not allowed to pass the dice back and forth from hand to hand. It is very important to follow these rules if one wants to remain at the table. While yes, these are games, they are also games dealing with the winning and losing of serious money. No one wants to lose based on the poor manners of another player.


Another important rule, whether you play blackjack online or in a casino, before sitting at the table a player needs to look for an empty betting square; not just an empty seat. Players commonly play more than one hand, so an empty seat does not always mean availability at that table. At the poker table on the other hand, an empty seat indicates that as soon as that hand has finished a new player may sit down immediately to participate in the next hand.

Another rule of thumb for casino games is the minimum and maximum bet at any given game table. There is typically a poster located somewhere near the table that indicates what the table minimums and maximums are for that particular game. Knowing these amounts assures no interruptions to the game, and greater enjoyment for all that are playing.

Casino etiquette is not a difficult thing to learn, but it can be a little confusing when a player has to remember the different rules for the different games. This may be one reason that players often stick with one particular game over another. Once they master the rules and workings of one game, it may not seem worth it to walk away and try their hand at another elsewhere.