New bingo promotions and offers for players

The context of online bingo in Great Britain is well established phenomenon especially with the large number of bingo sites being introduced online every year. There will be all kinds of sites for players to look forward to while choosing their ideal bingo site to play in. Some might confine with sites which have good bonuses while others may be on the look out for a site with good promotions.

However the main motive is to find a site which offers you all of these benefits. One of the sites that provide you with all sorts bingo games paired with the best of promotions is GameVillage Bingo. The site introduces new promotions every month and few of the promotions that have been loved by the players include knock knock, refer a friend and the Seaside Bingo promotion.

bingo promotions

These promotions may be valid on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Sometimes they are even seasonal. They bring in loads of inviting games with the added advantage of playing exclusive games and winning cashback offers. Players can take part in any of these promotions if they are pleased with the terms and conditions associated with it.

Online bingo sites are equipped with a lot of attractive features and prizes that are just impossible to ignore. Thereby attracting a large number of players.

GameVillage has an impressive set of welcome offers and bonuses which benefits new players as soon as they join the site. New players just need to deposit £5 and then get to play for £25 plus win a free spin on the Fortune Wheel for an extra freebie. In addition to this, some striking re-depositing offers can go up to 200% and 300% on the second and third deposits respectively.

So, why don’t you go ahead and try your luck on this unique site which clearly offers players an unparalleled experience!

Exploring the Concept of Fair Gambling

When we don’t win, sometimes we say that it’s just not fair. The slot machine had it out for us. The random number generator just wasn’t producing anything that we could use. It’s all rigged, you say. Here’s the truth: the casino is heavily regulated, and accusations of unfair play are handled extremely seriously. It’s one thing to be a sore loser, and it’s another thing to say that a casino is engaging in unfair practices when it’s really just not your time to win. We can’t guarantee that you’re going to automatically win every time you sit down to play. All we can tell you is that it’s up to you to shape the type of fun that you eventually have.


Is it better to look at all sides before you make an opinion, let alone speak it out loud? Absolutely. The industry is regulated for fair play and audited regularly to make sure that machine errors aren’t keeping wins from happening.

The casino industry also doesn’t want to get accused of unfair practices because it can turn a casino’s community into a ghost town very quickly. Put yourself into the situation in this way: would you really play somewhere that wasn’t fair and tried to hold you back at every turn? Probably not. So the casino groups definitely get together and make sure that they’re offering great games to people, along with top notch support. (more…)

5 Hottest Bingo Tips

Bingo is one of the most popular, fun and entertaining games available online today. Gone are the days of little old ladies playing bingo in dusty church halls – these days bingo players are young, internet savvy, fun loving and in search of excitement. But how do you get the most out of your online bingo experience? Here are five hot tips:

Bingo Tips

  1. Check out the site before you register. Read peer reviews, inspect their verifications and make sure it is a reputable site. There are loads of high quality bingo sites out there, with amazing reputations and excellent choices of games and incentives. Be sure to pick one of those.
  2. Take advantage of the mobile options that some bingo sites might offer. If you really enjoy playing at one bingo site in particular, then you should also be able to continue playing when you’re on the move. Almost all high quality bingo rooms will be mobile compatible.
  3. Don’t be tempted to play with too many cards at once. You should definitely play with more than one card, but if you play with a few dozen, as some sites suggest, you will just get confused and possibly miss out on some opportunities. Focus on a handful of cards at a time and rather enjoy the experience.
  4. There are dozens of types of bingo games available at bingo rooms these days. Take a few minutes to check them out, understand their differences and choose the ones that you think are best suited to you. See if the site offers any unique software features and take advantages of these too.
  5. The most important tip is to have fun! Most likely you will not become a millionaire from playing bingo but the enjoyment factor is just as significant.

Online Bingo 90 Ball Rules

We’ re all great lovers of the bingo game in all its forms, a particular favourite is of course the traditional UK 90 ball bingo game. Whether playing online or in a bingo hall the bingo 90 ball game is an exciting one that usually offers more than one opportunity to win, this is because players can win a prize for a one line, two line or a full house call. From a player perspective this is therefore a game that provides good value and is certainly not as fast paced as its American 75 ball bingo cousin – meaning bingo cash lasts a bit longer, so for players on a budget this game can provide a full evening of entertainment without the need for a huge outlay of cash.

Playing the bingo 90 ball version has long been associated with the ‘blue rinse brigade’ or ladies of a certain age, however with the onset of online bingo, 90 ball bingo is now becoming the game of choice for the twenty-something who is internet savvy and has a disposable income. So what is it about the online bingo 90 ball game that is so attractive? There are many reasons why the game is so popular and not least of course those mentioned above, the excellent value and slightly longer game play, but also with big jackpots available and chat rooms to socialise in there are endless reasons why players might prefer to play 90 ball online bingo.

The Basics

For the uninitiated out there, players usually purchase their tickets for the online bingo game at a price per ticket, although at some sites players can buy at a set cost ‘per strip’ of bingo tickets. Each ticket has nine columns and three rows, making 27 spaces in total. Players will find 15 random numbers from 1 to 90 printed on each ticket, any numbers from 1 to 9 will be in the first column, the second column features numbers 10 – 19 and so on, with the last column having numbers 80 to 90.

90 Ball Bingo Ticket

The object of the game is for players to mark off their numbers on their bingo ticket when the corresponding number is called, the winner of a one line jackpot will have managed to match one complete row of numbers to those called by the bingo caller, a two line winner will have matched two lines and a full house win is declared when the player is successful in matching all of their fifteen numbers on their ticket before any other bingo player.

Many sites have big jackpots to be won for those who can mark off all their numbers under a certain amount of calls. This bonus jackpot is in addition to the normal winnings available, making the game that much more exciting.

Online Bingo 90 v Traditional Land Based Bingo

Players in a bingo hall will need to concentrate fully on their bingo 90 ball game, so they can mark off their numbers with a dauber and call house or bingo if they are lucky enough to win. For the online bingo player the useful ‘auto mark’ or ‘auto daub’ function is a godsend, leaving players free to enjoy side games or chat in the chat rooms knowing full well that a win will be automatically marked off and credited to the players account virtually immediately. Players at a bingo hall will need to shout loudly to attract one of the bingo hall officials to verify their claim, after which a win can be paid if all numbers have been successfully matched and verified. Some bingo halls have moved with the times and now have electronic bingo systems which allow for a similar auto daub and almost instantaneous verification similar to that of the online bingo 90 ball game.

The traditional 90 ball bingo game is part of the cultural history of the UK, with the advent of the internet it has breathed a new lease of life into a game which is exciting, sociable and extremely easy to play. The bingo 90 ball rules are the same, and for players who are most used to the bingo hall experience they needn’t worry that they will be a fish out of water in the online bingo hall. Players are as helpful, accommodating and inclusive as they are at the traditional bingo hall, equally the attraction of bingo is now crossing over the great sex divide with more and more male players indulging in the game. If you haven’t tried playing online bingo 90 ball yet then why not have a try today on one of the best online bingo sites, you won’t be disappointed!

The beginner’s guide to Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the oldest and most popular card games offered in casinos. There are three forms of this game called Punto banco, Baccarat banque and Baccarat chemin de fer. The most popular one is Punto Banco also referred to as North American Baccarat. This form of Baccarat is also the only one that involves no strategy or skill and is strictly considered a game of chance. Learning to play Punto Banco Baccarat is simple as the player only has to perform one of these actions before the hand is dealt – place a bet on player’s (Punto) hand, dealer’s (Banco) hand or bet on a possible tie.

Getting ready to play and understanding the hand values

Baccarat is played with four, six or eight decks without Jokers all shuffled together into one. It can be played by as many as 12 or 14 players, but even playing alone against a dealer is possible. Deuces through Nines are worth their face value, Aces are worth 1 point and Tens, Jacks, Queens & Kings are worth 0 points. In a game of Baccarat, each player and dealer is dealt a hand consisting of two cards. The score of a hand is the sum of these cards, but only the rightmost digit is used, therefore, any sum that is a double digit number drops the left digit.


The highest and best possible hand of Baccarat is 9 – referred to as Natural – and the lowest is 0, and this hand is called Baccarat. If neither player or a banker has a hand value of 8 or 9, the third card drawing rules are applied to determine if a player and, later, banker should receive a third card. A new player doesn’t need to know the complex rules of a third card drawing because all this is done by the dealer.

Some examples of the hands

– A hand consisting of 7 and 8 equals to 15, but by dropping the left digit the real value of this hand is 5.
– A hand consisting of 3 and 5 is 8 and is a single digit, thus its real value is 8.
– A hand consisting of a Kind and 7 has a real value of 7.
– A three-card hand of 5, 6 and 9 is 20, but according to the rightmost digit rule the real value of this hand is 0, or Baccarat.

Betting and payoffs

Baccarat is so easy and relaxing to play because the only action player has to take is bet on Punto hand, Banco hand or a tie before the initial two cards are dealt face up. The payoffs for Punto and Banco hands are 1-to-1 while betting on a tie will yield you 9-to-1 or 8-to-1 profit on your bet.

Online Slots Go Great With Online Bingo

Given the nature of online slots and online bingo, it could be easily said that online slots and bingo are truly a match made in heaven. The reality is that a lot of people don’t pay attention to slots and bingo. They would rather go to more competitive forms of play, such as the many different flavors of poker. But while bingo will most likely never have a competition televised worldwide, it does have many benefits that players need to play attention to. Slots are the same way, with an ease of entry that can’t be beat. All you have to do is show up, push the right buttons on the screen, and you will know instantly if you won or not. That’s a straightforward experience that can lead to some huge payouts.

Online slots captured our attention from the beginning. There are new slot themes coming out all the time, with plenty of different ways to win. Some slots don’t even limit you in terms of direction of play, which means that you can technically build a “win” from any direction on the table. This means up, down, diagonals in both directions…the field is left completely open.

Online Slots games

You can check out for unique online slots games at your leisure, meaning that you aren’t pressured on when to play and when to leave. That level of freedom can’t be found in real time casino spots, where the gameplay does have a definite ending. If you were to play the slots in real time, you would also have to pay for your food and drinks, along with anything else you wanted. When you’re playing form the comfort of your own home, everything is already included. If you have a fridge full of food, you can take breaks and make whatever you’re in the mood for, or pull out some leftovers.

Online slots are here to stay, a fact that we’re certainly glad for! Why not log on and see what the new slots have in store for you? You could win a lot more money than you expected!

Don’t Miss Out On The Real Online Casino Experience

What’s the real online experience? It’s more than just logging in and playing a few games. If anything, that’s only the beginning. The real online experience is about being part of a community, crushing boredom in its tracks, making new friends and even winning some real money. But all of those features start when you make the choice to get started.

In other words, it’s time to read more about different online casino games and build a real experience you’ll love.

Online Casino Experience

The key here is to test the waters extensively before you dive in. You want to find a casino that makes you feel good, as well as one that makes you feel safe. Strong casino reputation is very important. Most casinos that people talk about have been around long enough that you will immediately know whether they’re are good or bad. Top casinos show you support when you need it, fixing issues before they can spiral out of control.

Playing casino games should e a pretty familiar activity. The only difference is that you don’t have to try to jump in your car and travel for miles just to play a little roulette, or engage someone in a game of high stakes poker. If you have the money and are willing to make the bet, then you can play as much as you would like.

The most important thing to remember is that at the end of the day, you’re in control of what you experience. Make sure that you’re getting the real online casino experience by checking things out and seeing if there’s really a community of players behind the casino. Real casinos know that in order to grow their players have to truly know, like, and trust them completely. Becoming a casino regular even has its perks, as you can get prizes and enter contests just because you’ve played at the site a lot of times. Why not check it out for yourself and see just how interesting the casino experience can be?

Yes, there may be times where you lose money but the thrill is in the challenge, the thrill of the hunt in other words. Make sure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to win!

Mobile Bingo Has Never Been Better!

Playing online games at home is great, but there comes a point where boredom creeps back in. As you well know, if you don’t take care of boredom quickly, you’re bound to get sucked back into its evil clutches. The thing is that boredom doesn’t have to last forever…as long as you keep yourself entertained. If you like gambling online for its convenience, you might wonder how you can mix in a little more excitement. The answer is right in front of you: your mobile phone!

Most people have strong smartphones capable of delivering the online gambling experience. The casinos know that if they didn’t create a mobile platform for their companies, players would get tired and move on to another place that did offer this. So whether you have an iPhone, Android, or even a BlackBerry, you can find mobile gambling that excites you.

Mobile Bingo

But of course, we’re not just talking about any type of gambling. Why not stick with mobile bingo? Some people feel that you don’t win too much in bingo, but that’s not true at all. And if you play at a quality casino, you can win even more. The best casinos know that you have to win frequently in order to feel like playing. That’s why they institute fair play rules so that you have an equal chance to win like anyone else!

If you really want to get started, you should visit landmarkbingo for mobile bingo. They will give you all of the resources you need to get started. Also, if you’re a new player you can get a bonus package that helps you get a little more starting money for the games. While you don’t have to just play mobile bingo, it helps to have something you can play anywhere you want to go. As long as your phone has a strong internet connection, you should be all set.

Most mobile platforms have interesting safeguards. For example, if you were to get disconnected during a game, it can let you come back into the room and resume within a specific amount of time. That can be helpful when you have already paid for a ton of cards, and you’re just trying to see if you’re going to win or not. If you want to know more, you’re going to have to check out the site yourself!