Why Shorter Sessions Are Better When Gambling

Many online gamblers find themselves losing regularly due to falling into bad habits. These can range from playing games they shouldn’t to wagering too much. But there’s also a problem that is common among them that can easily be fixed; session duration. A lot of players make the simple error of playing too long. In this post we’re going to share a few reasons why shorter sessions work better at an online casino Malaysia.

Attention Span

It’s a universal truth that people focus better in shorter bursts. Consider an exercise like reading, writing or watching a lecture. Are you more attentive if it’s for 30 minutes or 2 hours? Most accept shorter sessions are better for people’s attention. Why does this matter when gambling? Well, if you are playing a casino game that requires maths or choosing what to wager, or even blackjack here strategy is involved, you need good attention. Casinos know that players attention drops over time and is one of the reasons they remove clocks from the casino floor.  (more…)

More Reasons Why Mobile Betting Truly Is The Future

Mobile betting is honestly one of the best things about being a gambler in this day and age. Instead of having to be married to your laptop, you can break free, get on the road, and have a really good time. You don’t have to worry about who is watching you or anything like that. Once you jump online from your smartphone or your tablet, you have all of the power in the world to win serious money.

That’s right — gone are the days of play money. Oh, sure, you can download many little casino apps that never really let you win any real money. You get to be on a leaderboard with other people, but what does that honestly get you? It’s more fun to risk and win real money than to keep playing the same game of risking “fake” money. After a while, it just seems boring and repetitive when you really start thinking about it. (more…)

Online Slot Machines

Venture into any casino and the slot machines are easy to find. The same holds true with online casinos. On any online casino site, slot games are presented front and center. If you play slots, you’ll never struggle to find a game to play at any mobile casino. But, why is that so? What makes slots so popular both with casinos and players.

Now the easy answer from the casino side of the business is that the odds on slot games are always with the casino. They’re a sure money maker. But to make money, slot games still have to offer players something they want. Which means that despite the good odds for the casino, slot games offer some of the largest jackpots in the casino. When you play slots, just one spin could change your entire financial life. Players love the stories about the person who wins the million dollar jackpot on a single spin. With slots, that potential is always there. Oh, it seldom happens, but it could.

Slots are Fun!

Slot developers also work hard to make their games some of the most exciting in the casino. The games are designed around popular themes and feature fantastic graphics and even interactive bonus games. No, these are the slot machines of the Rat Pack when ladies where left to spin the reels while men played the tough games. These are slot machines designed to appeal to the fan of arcade games. While you can still find classic slot games, these days many of the popular games feature a “game within the game” as a bonus. Just hit the right combination of symbols and you’ll trigger the bonus game feature that could have you doing anything from shooting down aliens to lobbing acorns at a saber-toothed lion. And these games are guaranteed to win you a little extra money, which has made them a fan favorite. (more…)

Hellboy Slot Machine Review

You’ve probably seen both Hellboy movies by now so you know full well who the character is. The Hellboy slot machine game is based on the popular comics and movies. The original and first Hellboy was first seen in a comic magazine way back in 1993 by the very creative Mike Mignola and had since gone on to become two popular movies.

But Hellboy himself, is an interesting and intriguing persona. He was actually a demon that was brought to life as a physical character by some Nazi black magic! But Hellboy isn’t a bad demon/guy. Despite his demonic looks, he works for the forces of good instead and works for the UN as one of the world’s best paranormal investigators.

With a hand that appears to be made from solid stone, he can punch as hard as Rocky and is known to throw his weight around and get upset at the smallest of niggling things. But he’s not a bad character by all means, so much so, he even cut off his own horns using an angle grinder so as not to scare and upset any people that see him in public. (more…)

Let Yourself get spoiled by the best Casino Bonuses

Is it Christmas yet? The temperatures are falling, the leaves are changing colors, but it’s certainly not time for old Saint Nick to try to come down your chimney just yet. However, we have the next best thing: the best casino bonuses going, and how you can access them. You see, the world of casino bonuses online changes so very much, and it would be silly to write down any specific promotions. That’s not what this guide is for. After all, since they change so much, just listing bonuses wouldn’t do you any good. A week from n ow, it could all change. What we want to do is get into that these bonuses mean for your gameplay. talking about strategy never really goes out of style, you know.


Bonuses Build Bankrolls

Every bankroll could use a little boost. At the heart of every gambler’s routine has to be the bankroll. Some people are high rollers, and more power to them. Then again, they probably aren’t going to be reading a guide on casino bonuses, right? Actually, just about every punter wants to make the most out of their money. It’s not just for “small roll” players. One day, you could have an incredible bankroll if you’re willing to just keep building on it. These things take time but it’s certainly worth it.

Bonuses Test Theories

Got a hot poker tip that you want to try out? Think that you’re finally going to get on a great blackjack run and you just want to test out your theories safely? Bonuses take care of the risk for you. When a casino offers you a little money to sign up, you can basically gamble with their money. Now, you’ll eventually want to deposit your own, or an additional amount past the “bonus match” to really have the experience you want. But when you’re first starting out, that little bit of extra money can go a long way in testing different ideas.

Bonuses Expand Options

We talk about having options quite often, and the best casino bonuses unlock more possibilities. There are places that we fell in love with, but we wouldn’t have been encouraged to try them out if we didn’t have the casino bonus backing us up. The time to test out new places to play is definite now, with the holiday season starting up. People know that if they time things with the times where people have free time, big things happen. This is the same in the gambling world. You may have some time off work, and instead of going out in the cold…stay warm and gamble online!

Why not try to get the best of everything, when and where you can? We think that this fall and winter season is going to be a great time for casino promotions, and an even better time to sharpen your skills while having the time of your life. What could be better than that? Go out there, have a great time, and see what promotions are waiting for you!

Spot of Bad Luck – New Casinos Could Turn It Around

Bad beats happen in poker, slots don’t always pay out when you want them to, and sometimes blackjack just ends up taking your money. But you have to remember one thing: there can always be another good day around the corner. Far too many people get worked up about the times they lose, and it’s time to break out of that mindset. You won’t increase your winnings worrying about every time that you lose. Of course, it does pay to look closer into losses in order to learn if you’re doing something wrong. Studying poker hands can help you become better. Yet at the end of the day, the only way to break through a spot of bad luck is to look at other places to play. Indeed, new casinos could turn it around if you’re willing to explore your options.


The Power of Choice

Our brains have a love/hate relationship with choices. on one hand, we love the idea of choice because it lets us tap into strategies and avenues that could give us what we really want: satisfaction. On the other hand, there’s the effort involved with choice. When it comes to new casinos, chances are good that you’re going to worry about a few things. For example, do you have time to look over 20 different places to play and choose the best one? Do you have time to weed out the ones that don’t have what you’re looking for? And do you even know what you’re looking for to begin with?

Stuck on the choice thing and want to break free? Start by looking at what’s annoying you about the situation. Is it really about a losing streak, or are you looking to branch into something new? Is it really about the casino, or do you want the thrill of finding something different? Will a new casino have the same security procedures as the one you’re at currently?

Exploring Options

Looking up casinos on a site devoted to reviews and information is the best way to go. Again, how much do you value your time? Some people ignore these sites and go right back to searching for everything on their own. To us, that’s a good example of terrible time management. You have to make sure that you’re exploring options in a way that allows you the best use of your time.

What do we look for at a new casino? Well, the blank slate gets us going every time. Sometimes it’s all you need when the world keeps beating you up. Maybe you feel as if you can’t move forward where you are. We know how that feels, because we gamble online as well. We love poker, and we find that moving around to different casinos changes the field considerably. For every shark player, there are a few fish to play with. And while we were once fish, we’ve moved up our poker skill to the point where we could play better and lose less money overall.

New venues encourage you to sharpen your skills. Maybe the losing streak really is more within your control than you give it credit for. The worst thing that you could do is give up, because that means that you can’t move forward. Good luck with everything and have fun!

Neteller Golden Ticket Winner Scoops Which Bingo Award

The Neteller payment system is used by merchants and individuals all over the globe, and in the world of online casinos, it’s particularly popular due to the reliability, security, and speed with which it allows players to transfer money to and from their accounts. However, what many people outside the online casino and bingo industry are unaware of is that Neteller also operates an affiliate marketing programme for the gaming industry. Consequently, it’s one of the co-collaborators behind the annual AffiliateFest event, the first of which took place in 2015.

Recently, one of Neteller’s bloggers took time out to catch up with AffliateFest 2015’s golden ticket winner – Andrew Edwards – whose site, Mummies Bingo, has just scooped its second major industry award.


After Andrew collected Which Bingo’s Best Cozy Games Bingo Site award in London in May 2016, Neteller was keen to find out why he thought Mummies Bingo won and what it means for him and his team. Andrew believes it’s due to the site’s “strong brand, which has built up a loyal and trusted following” compared to the rest of the 100+ sites that currently reside on the Cozy Games network. Instead of merely “chasing traffic”, his team have concentrated on creating “a brand persona” for Mummies Bingo that allows it to “grow and engage its audience”. Andrew admits that the last 20 months (since the site launched) have been hard work and is, therefore, over-the-moon that Mummies has achieved two major industry awards in such little time (N.B. the site won Best New Bingo Site at BingoPort’s Players’ Choice Awards in 2016).

As many e-gaming affiliate marketers can only dream of emulating the accomplishments of Mummies Bingo, Neteller asked Andrew to share his tips on what makes his affiliate sites so successful. Andrew’s words of advice are to take site speed and website optimisation into serious consideration, as both factors influence site ranking in Google. After creating a fast website with a responsive theme, and optimising scripts, code, and images, Andrew highly recommends creating a strong SEO and content strategy for brand-related terms, and ensuring that no one word takes up over 2.5% of the overall link profile for money keywords.

Two of Andrew’s most successful sites, Mummies Bingo, and PlayCasinoGames.com both offer Neteller as a banking method and are fully optimised for mobile play. His team has also just launched its own affiliate programme called Madaboutaffiliates.com, which they’ll be showcasing at the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference in June 2016, and offering new sign-ups a very exciting deal.

It seems that winning Neteller’s lucky golden ticket to AffiliateFEST 2015 isn’t the first, and definitely won’t be the last step on the path to success for the now multi-award-winning team at Mummies Bingo.

To read the Full article on Netellers Blog – CLICK HERE

Online Bingo 90 Ball Rules

We’ re all great lovers of the bingo game in all its forms, a particular favourite is of course the traditional UK 90 ball bingo game. Whether playing online or in a bingo hall the bingo 90 ball game is an exciting one that usually offers more than one opportunity to win, this is because players can win a prize for a one line, two line or a full house call. From a player perspective this is therefore a game that provides good value and is certainly not as fast paced as its American 75 ball bingo cousin – meaning bingo cash lasts a bit longer, so for players on a budget this game can provide a full evening of entertainment without the need for a huge outlay of cash.

Playing the bingo 90 ball version has long been associated with the ‘blue rinse brigade’ or ladies of a certain age, however with the onset of online bingo, 90 ball bingo is now becoming the game of choice for the twenty-something who is internet savvy and has a disposable income. So what is it about the online bingo 90 ball game that is so attractive? There are many reasons why the game is so popular and not least of course those mentioned above, the excellent value and slightly longer game play, but also with big jackpots available and chat rooms to socialise in there are endless reasons why players might prefer to play 90 ball online bingo.

The Basics

For the uninitiated out there, players usually purchase their tickets for the online bingo game at a price per ticket, although at some sites players can buy at a set cost ‘per strip’ of bingo tickets. Each ticket has nine columns and three rows, making 27 spaces in total. Players will find 15 random numbers from 1 to 90 printed on each ticket, any numbers from 1 to 9 will be in the first column, the second column features numbers 10 – 19 and so on, with the last column having numbers 80 to 90.

90 Ball Bingo Ticket

The object of the game is for players to mark off their numbers on their bingo ticket when the corresponding number is called, the winner of a one line jackpot will have managed to match one complete row of numbers to those called by the bingo caller, a two line winner will have matched two lines and a full house win is declared when the player is successful in matching all of their fifteen numbers on their ticket before any other bingo player.

Many sites have big jackpots to be won for those who can mark off all their numbers under a certain amount of calls. This bonus jackpot is in addition to the normal winnings available, making the game that much more exciting.

Online Bingo 90 v Traditional Land Based Bingo

Players in a bingo hall will need to concentrate fully on their bingo 90 ball game, so they can mark off their numbers with a dauber and call house or bingo if they are lucky enough to win. For the online bingo player the useful ‘auto mark’ or ‘auto daub’ function is a godsend, leaving players free to enjoy side games or chat in the chat rooms knowing full well that a win will be automatically marked off and credited to the players account virtually immediately. Players at a bingo hall will need to shout loudly to attract one of the bingo hall officials to verify their claim, after which a win can be paid if all numbers have been successfully matched and verified. Some bingo halls have moved with the times and now have electronic bingo systems which allow for a similar auto daub and almost instantaneous verification similar to that of the online bingo 90 ball game.

The traditional 90 ball bingo game is part of the cultural history of the UK, with the advent of the internet it has breathed a new lease of life into a game which is exciting, sociable and extremely easy to play. The bingo 90 ball rules are the same, and for players who are most used to the bingo hall experience they needn’t worry that they will be a fish out of water in the online bingo hall. Players are as helpful, accommodating and inclusive as they are at the traditional bingo hall, equally the attraction of bingo is now crossing over the great sex divide with more and more male players indulging in the game. If you haven’t tried playing online bingo 90 ball yet then why not have a try today on one of the best online bingo sites, you won’t be disappointed!