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Casino Etiquette 101

There is a time and place for everything. This holds true even in a casino. Casino games all come with their own etiquette. Each game boasts its own set of unwritten rules that the players are expected to follow, especially if they are really there to play to win. There are more relaxed rules for games like slots than there are for card based games. Even Keno has expectations of its players.

For instance, in the game of craps the shooter may only touch the dice with one hand. The player is not allowed to pass the dice back and forth from hand to hand. It is very important to follow these rules if one wants to remain at the table. While yes, these are games, they are also games dealing with the winning and losing of serious money. No one wants to lose based on the poor manners of another player.


Another important rule, whether you play blackjack online or in a casino, before sitting at the table a player needs to look for an empty betting square; not just an empty seat. Players commonly play more than one hand, so an empty seat does not always mean availability at that table. At the poker table on the other hand, an empty seat indicates that as soon as that hand has finished a new player may sit down immediately to participate in the next hand.

Another rule of thumb for casino games is the minimum and maximum bet at any given game table. There is typically a poster located somewhere near the table that indicates what the table minimums and maximums are for that particular game. Knowing these amounts assures no interruptions to the game, and greater enjoyment for all that are playing.

Casino etiquette is not a difficult thing to learn, but it can be a little confusing when a player has to remember the different rules for the different games. This may be one reason that players often stick with one particular game over another. Once they master the rules and workings of one game, it may not seem worth it to walk away and try their hand at another elsewhere.

Money To Play Texas Holdem

How much money do you need to play Texas Holdem Poker? It is possible to start with small amount of money. The smallest limit for Texas Holdem is £1/2. (in the casino where I am playing at. There are other casinos that are offering even smaller limits). If you are beginner or you are not sure in your poker skills, you may start with £1, for example. People, who enter this game for the first time may be afraid that they can lose their money. It is good to start with small amount of money and when you feel you are already good player, you can bet more and more money.

If you want to play Texas Holdem now, just sit down and buy some chips. If you are beginner, read our Texas Holdem rules first and enjoy the game. The most important thing is not how much money you will bet, but how good you will play and how much you can win. If you have good poker skills and you use good strategy, you have great opportunity to be the winner. If you want to bet small amount of money, you can do it and that will not make your chances to win smaller. If you feel that your opponents are very good players, you can also start with small bets.

Play Texas Holdem

You can see £0.5/1 Texas Holdem Poker game. There is another good opportunity – you can join some Poker tournaments or you can buy rack of chips with some other players. Good poker players bet more money but they can also start with small bets. It is an easy game, even beginners can learn the rules for few minutes, but it is not so easy to be the best player. The best way to learn Texas Holdem Poker rules is to play more often. You don’t need much money, just bet a little every day and you will improve your skills very soon. There are special poker strategies that you can use in this game. When you play the game for the first time, you can rely on your own style of playing. But if you want to become better player, it is good to follow some Texas Holdem strategy.

In the Online Poker portals players can start with very small amount of money and they can win very big one. In Limit Texas Holdem players can bet with limited amounts. In £1/2 limit Texas Holdem the biggest blind is £1 and the smallest is £0.5. In No limit Texas Holdem players can bet more money and they can start with bigger amount of money. No matter how much money you have, play now Texas Holdem Poker online!

Top sites offering Bingo

There are many sites online that offers Bingo to their players. Few of the best sites include Cyber Bingo, Bingo Card, Gala Bingo, House of Bingo and Bingo Vega.

Cyber Bingo: Cyber Bingo offers big prizes to the winners of the game. This casino has their own casino software and manages a huge network of associated websites connecting players to the games. It means that this casino always have hundreds of players online playing their favourite games; thus, big prizes and livelier chat.

play bingo

Bingo Card: Jackpots at this casino are held every hour. This casino is the in charge of the entire Bingo Network. The members of this network play together and give money to the prizes. The game that is played here is the 75 ball game with huge number of patterns. This casino makes use of the software from the Parlay entertainment.

William Hill Bingo: This casino is the best for their bulk produced bookies. Also their online operations are very good. This casino is known for their good chat masters and excellent software that is easy to use without the need to download. William Hill Bingo provides Bingo games like 75 ball game, 80 ball and 90 ball game. The most popular one that is played here is the 90 ball game. This casino does not give permissions to the US players.

Gala Bingo: Gala Bingo is one of the largest casinos in UK. Their online operation has become very popular and is one of the sites that is mostly visited by the Bingo lovers. One can choose games like 75 ball game, 80 ball game and 90 ball game. This casino does not allow US players to play.

House of Bingo: This casino makes use of the Cosy Gaming software. It is the smaller sites with less number of people online and with smaller prizes. However, this casino offers a fun atmosphere and people who want to have a comfortable atmosphere would prefer this casino.

Bingo Vega: One can find a wonderful community at this casino. They care their players and offer them loyalty awards and wonderful prizes. US players are given permission to play at this casino.

Is Gambling Healthy?

Whether certain activities are healthy or not is always down to debate. Too much of anything is probably unhealthy, however good it might be but how much is too much?

With gambling some people do think that it is completely unhealthy and no one should do it at all. If that is your point of view then obviously you will never gamble. However, some people are not sure because they enjoy gambling but wonder whether they should.

If you worry like this then you may like to consider why you gamble. If you do it for fun and only spend money that you can afford to lose, then there is not any harm in it. However, if you do it because you desperately want to win and you spend money that you need for other things, then this is not good. Also if you find that your life is revolving around gambling that you are planning things around playing or not socialising because you would rather gamble, then this could be worth looking at too.

We all indulge sometimes and are not all perfect and so if you enjoy gambling then there is not really any harm in it. However, if you cannot afford to lose the money or feel that you are getting addicted, then this is a problem. In these cases you should stop playing, at least for a while, until you feel that you can be in better control of yourself when you gamble or that you will only spend money that you can afford to lose. It is not always that easy to cut down how much you are playing, especially if you find it a lot of fun, but if you find it too difficult, it may be a sign that you need some professional help.

Video Slots

One of the greatest things about slot machines is the entertainment they provide and it is video slots that have taken online slot entertainment to a whole new level. Slots have indeed travelled a long way from the somewhat simple mechanic devices that used to require coins and dispensed fruit-flavoured chewing gums as a reward. However, nowhere is that evolution more visible than in video slots.

The managers of online casinos have also realised that people nowadays prefer to play video slots rather than the more simple classic slots and that is why in an online casino players can find three times more video slot games than classic slot games.

One of the things that make video slots so much more entertaining is the fact that they have more than three reels and feature multiple paylines. This way the outcomes of spinning are much more varied and nowadays there are other options besides winning or losing, such as partial winnings. Even though the main appeal of slot games lies in their simplicity, players sometimes prefer their game to be a little more challenging, and that is achieved through the various betting options that video slots offer. Players need to develop a betting strategy in order to decide how they are going to place their bets on the horizontal, vertical and sometimes even diagonal paylines. Some video slot games allow players to bet different amounts on the different paylines for a single spin which also requires a betting strategy of some sort. The drawback in the case of betting on multiple paylines is that a single spin will cost you more; however, this is in exchange for the possibility to win from more than one payline with only one spin.

Video Slots

Yet, the more varied betting strategy is not the only thing that makes players choose video slots over their simple three-reeled cousins. People play video slots because of the unique form of entertainment that they provide, which makes them seem a bit like video games, where the player gets involved in a story which unfolds as the play progresses. A lot of video slot games nowadays use plots and characters from all-time favourite movies and comic books, which enhances the pleasure and visual entertainment of the player. In addition, due to the huge interest in video slots, video slot makers constantly develop new gaming concepts, stories and characters so that players never get bored and it is online where players can try out all the newest video slots. Of course, all that visual fun is added to the thrill of winning and losing, which lies at the bottom of every slot game, regardless of whether it is based on three or five reels.

Even though video slots might seem to be a little bit overwhelming to beginners at first, a lot of online gambling venues offer the option of playing free slots. This way, people can get used to the visual stimulation as well as to the betting specifics, if they decide to play video slots for actual money later on.

Is Winning in a Casino All About Luck?

Many people believe in luck. They feel that if they are having a lucky day then they are more likely to win in a casino. However, there is no such things as luck.

All casino games have some element of risk. This means that the odds will be against you and the casino will win more times than you. This is how they afford to stay in business. Of course, some people do win more money than they spend and some say that these are the lucky ones.

Gambling Luck

Gambling Luck

If you want to improve your chances of winning, then having a lucky charm or going on your lucky day will make no difference. However, if you improve your skills at the casino games., then you will have a better chance of a win.

Even games, like slots which do not seem to take a lot of skill, do require some. You have to be aware of what you can do to improve your chances of winning. You also have to decide whether you want to take a lower risk to potentially win a smaller amount or a higher risk to potentially win a large amount.

It is worth remembering that casino games should all be about fun. They are entertaining and should not be thought of a source of income. It is always easy to get carried away and focus on the jackpot prize and then think that you have not been lucky if you have not win. It is worth remembering that the chances are that you will not win and it has nothing to do with luck. You should just go and have a good time and of course, celebrate if you win but do not feel down it you do not.

History of roulette

Nowadays, a very popular pastime for many and perhaps even a source of income for some is playing online roulette games.


Even before the advent of computers and the internet, however, roulette had already established a niche in the world of gaming and gambling. Originally a French game, the name itself is French in origin and means “little wheel.”

Many attribute the invention of roulette to the mathematician and physicist, Blaise Pascal, during the seventeenth century. Pascal was a scientist who held a fascination for devices that hinted at perpetual motion. In his quest for such an object, Pascal was reported to have experimented with a large wheel. However, it was purportedly one of Pascal’s friends who had the ingenious idea of using Pascal’s wheel as an apparatus for gambling, much to the delight of those who engage in online roulette games today.

The first ever recorded game was played in Paris in 1796 although the initial appearance of the original roulette contraption was reported in the same city in 1765.



French immigrants brought the popular game over to the United States sometime during the mid 1800s. At this time, two French nationals, Francois and Louis Blanc, modified the original roulette device by adding a “0” to the wheel in order to increase the advantages in favour of the house. Later, when roulette made its way to the United States, another alteration was made and a second “0” was added for the purpose of increasing the house advantage even more. During this time, the popularity of the game in casinos across Europe and America was unrivalled, and it rightfully earned the title “King of Casino Games.”

Survival and Dominance

Through the years, however, the popularity of roulette has waxed and waned, at times affected by other games such as blackjack and craps. Nevertheless, a large number of people still play roulette at casinos and a growing number even enjoy online roulette games today.

Whatever the trend, roulette remains to be the oldest existing game played in casinos today. The staying power of the game lies perhaps in the simplicity and ease with which it can be played and in the thrill and anticipation that are felt with every roll of the tiny ball.

Bingo Boogie

Bingo Boogie provides massive progressive jackpots and some really exciting bonuses for any new member. Once you’re a new member, Bingo Boogie will 100% match your deposit up to a massive £200! That’s right, you deposit £200 you get £200 FREE! Simply Brill!

Bingo Boogie wants each player to win. Therefore, every time a full house is finished Bingo Boogie will randomly choose 1 person to win 1BB. As far as of loyalty points, you can expect some big cashbacks (or bonuses) to keep you motivated. You will have the chance to gain points according to the amount you play. Bonus levels, after you join, go from Bronze all the way up to Double Diamond VIP. For every deposit you make you get a percentage given back to your account.

While you’re at Bingo Boogie if you fancy a different game try one of their several exciting games such as slots, blackjack or video poker. Play now and have a terrific time at Bingo Boogie. Additionally, with up to £200 added to your account, you’re more likely to have a winning time! Enjoy!


With Bingo Boogie there’s always something going on and great prizes to boot! And, the excitement doesn’t just end with bingo. Your chances of winning increase the more times you play.

One thing we really like about Bingo Boogie is that they offer so many prizes and chances to win that it’s a great time for everyone! Not in the mood for bingo today? No worries. Why not have a go at playing video poker, slots, blackjack, roulette, or craps? No getting bored at Bingo Boogie.

Every month, “Bella’s Booty Bag” is full of great prizes which can be won, in addition to great cash prizes, depending on the month’s challenge. Oooh, did someone say “challenge”?

This month’s challenge: All you have to do is play at least 25 bingo tickets in either the 10p or 25p rooms and you’ll be automatically entered into the month’s draw to win fabulous prizes such as a family trip to Alton Towers, Champagne Balloon Flight, Digital Camera, and so much more!

At Bingo Boogie you’ll want to stay tuned because each month there is something special for everyone. Some of the recent jackpot winners each took home over £10,000. One winner won almost £11,000 with only £4 of play! Now that’s gotta feel nice!